Living the Dream

Perspective from the field

About Jen January 27, 2010

It’s amazing I wasn’t better at gymnastics when I was younger (never mastered the cartwheel) because I’ve grown up to be an expert in walking a tightrope and balancing my various roles in life. I’m foremost a Wife and a Mom (of 2 adorable little girls, aged 2 and 4), a Regional Sales Manager of a large (and terrific!) team at a Fortune 100 Pharma company and I’m also the proud wife of an Army Command Sgt Major – which brings it own sets of responsibilities in supporting the families of our soldiers.

I’m a geek at heart, a classic early adopter (i pad here I come), and a social media diva wanna-be.  My dream job is to become a leader with social media marketing in Pharma.

It seems like what I end up doing most days is trying to figure out how to wear my numerous hats without tripping and falling flat on my face.  I’m more successful at it some days than other, but fortunately, I’ve cultivated a powerful and very well used ability to laugh at myself and my world.

All in all, I’m a lucky gal – I’m living the American Dream….


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